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So it has been over 4 months since our new beginning.
There has been times where we have given you many releases at once but there has also been times where we have given you nothing at all, mainly due to everyone's busy lives (sorry about that).
Since we have spent hours in providing you with subtitles for a certain period of time already we asked that you spare us a few moments and give us something back...
We would like to know what you think of Kizuna Fansubs.
Feedback and Constructive Criticism will be appreciated ^^
This way we will be able to perhaps satisfy you a little better in the new year.

So tell us what you think of our:
- Subbing Speed
- Admins & Staff
- Projects
- Hardsubs/Softsubs
- Subtitle Quality
- Subtitle Status Updates
- Our Website
- Our Dreamwidth Community
- Twitter
and anything else you can think of ^^

You can either write massive paragraphs which go on FOREVER (we'll still read it)
or you can just rate each category above out of 10 or whatever

You may comment anonymously if you wish. 
Yea we are pretty much giving you the chance to bad mouth us HOWEVER please only do it if you think we really deserve it. 
Oh and if you do decide to say that we suck... please tell us why LOL 
Constructive Criticism is helpful. 

Anyway, you have until mid January (15th) to reply to this. 
It would be appreciated if you did reply ^^ 
we have over 1000 members within this community so it would be great if at least 10% gave us their opinion. 

Thank you. 
 - Kizunafs admin & staff 
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