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Due to recent events we have decided to close our dreamwidth community.
Hardsubs will simply be posted on our
Please register an account in order to access goodies :D

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for continual support.
 - Kizunafs admins


Jan. 11th, 2012 02:17 pm
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As many of you know, all the subtitles we provided on our website are FREE.
So any amount of donation would be greatly appreciated!
For those who wish to get VIB access, please click here for more information.

What do we use the donations for?
→ website hosting
→ premium megaupload account(s) for staff to host our hardsubbed videos & download raws quickly to work on
→ special projects

Thank you for continuously supporting us with comments, donations, respecting the rules, etc!

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For organisational purposes,

Please keep in mind that some of these projects are still tentative, this means that we may end up not subbing them for various reasons
We are always in need of more staff to help us with our projects so if you see something that you like and think you can help, please don't hesitate to join us.

Projects which are missing banners simply indicate that we haven't gotten around to creating one yet
If you are good with graphics and would like to help us make one, please feel free to.


*Boy and Girl*

*Rainbow Sweetheart* 


*Love Game* 

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For organisational purposes,

Please click on the banners of each project to view the master posts
Projects which appear in the completed projects list as well as the current projects list mean that the softsubs for a project have been completed however the additional hardsubs are still to be completed.

This completed projects master list is only for drama and movie projects
For a list of our music video projects please refer to the post on our website.



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For organisational purposes, 

Please click on the banners of each project to view the master posts
Banners which lead you back to the home page mean that there currently isn't a master post yet as there hasn't been a release.

Projects which are missing banners simply indicate that we haven't gotten around to creating one yet
If you are good with graphics and would like to help us make one, please feel free to.


*Emerald on the Roof*

*Love River*

*Sunny Happiness*


*Deka Wanko* 

*Koshonin 2*


*Shima Shima*

*Shin ~ jidankoushou jin - Ura file ~ *


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So it has been over 4 months since our new beginning.
There has been times where we have given you many releases at once but there has also been times where we have given you nothing at all, mainly due to everyone's busy lives (sorry about that).
Since we have spent hours in providing you with subtitles for a certain period of time already we asked that you spare us a few moments and give us something back...
We would like to know what you think of Kizuna Fansubs.
Feedback and Constructive Criticism will be appreciated ^^
This way we will be able to perhaps satisfy you a little better in the new year.

So tell us what you think of our:
- Subbing Speed
- Admins & Staff
- Projects
- Hardsubs/Softsubs
- Subtitle Quality
- Subtitle Status Updates
- Our Website
- Our Dreamwidth Community
- Twitter
and anything else you can think of ^^

You can either write massive paragraphs which go on FOREVER (we'll still read it)
or you can just rate each category above out of 10 or whatever

You may comment anonymously if you wish. 
Yea we are pretty much giving you the chance to bad mouth us HOWEVER please only do it if you think we really deserve it. 
Oh and if you do decide to say that we suck... please tell us why LOL 
Constructive Criticism is helpful. 

Anyway, you have until mid January (15th) to reply to this. 
It would be appreciated if you did reply ^^ 
we have over 1000 members within this community so it would be great if at least 10% gave us their opinion. 

Thank you. 
 - Kizunafs admin & staff 
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Kizuna Fansubs will allow viewers to request the following once in a while (please check if requests are opened or closed before requesting).

Please check back later...

You may request the following ONLY:
* Music Videos (Japanese, Korean, Chinese)
* Live Performance Clips (Japanese, Korean, Chinese)
* Commercials (Japanese, Korean, Chinese)

Please DO NOT request something that is longer than 10 minutes.
Requests for dramas, movies or concerts will be ignored.

Whether we decide to karaoke time and karaoke fx will purely be based on the timer and typesetter.

- Must fill in the form correctly! (we will ignore you if you don't)
- Must submit the form correctly! (only use the comment feature, DO NOT email us)
- Maximum one request at a time! (once your video has been subbed and released, you are free to request another if requests are opened)
- You provide us with the raw (the least you can do is help us out by finding the raw yourself)
- We are not obliged to do anything (no guarantee that it will subbed)
- Don't bug us about when your request will be completed! (it will be released in a batch so be patient)

How do i request?
> Make sure you are a member of our dreamwidth community
> Check if requests are OPENED
> Fill out this form via the comment feature (all comments are screened)
~ SONG NAME: [characters and romaji/pinyin]
~ ARTIST: [characters and romaji/pinyin]
What happens after?
1. Your request will then be looked at
2. We will reply on your comment when we have decided

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You still MUST be a member in order to download any of our content. This is due to the growing number of trolls out there and because we founders are sick of this behaviour. However we will give you guys one last chance... 

Membership is open to all so as long as you have an open ID
(livejournal preferred but you can use blogspot and wordpress too)
Simply click join but please read out rules first. 
The Rules/Terms and Conditions )

Also please do not bug us about when our next release is there is a subtitle status page on our website.
Plus it is nice to participate in the community by saying a simple thank you.

This community is purely for download links.
If you ever need help with something please remember to read our FAQs first before asking.
We also ask that you read our Hosting & Redistribution before joining. 

Those of you who have no idea how to join...
please refer to our General FAQs on our website.

When we said last chance we mean it! Any bashing of any sort will result in a closed moderated membership approach. 

 - Kizuna Fansubs
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Hello this is a little About Us... enjoy~

August 8th 2011; four fansubbers (hitomi83, jessyj, stargazer and TeddayBear) plotted what we would like to call a new revolution on a ridiculously addictive micro blog called twitter to take over the world whilst laughing at everyone else who was oblivious to this...

No wait, that wasn't really what happened, must've been my dream...
Here is what really happened... with a few little details from my dream )

Kizuna is a japanese word meaning 'bond' which is exactly what we have done and will continue to do. We have bonded with other groups to form this group. We have also bonded with our lovely staff and will continue to do so as we write this new chapter... together.

♬ あのときのあの場所消えないこの絆
That time, that place, it will never disappear - this bond ♫

Disclaimer: the world dominance stuff in this post is false and is there to simply entertain the reader.
We appreciate the work of other fansub groups so we don't plan to dominate as we need each other.
This is where the meaning in our group's name overpowers everything i have said about dominance in this post.
Thank you for reading ♡

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