Jan. 11th, 2012 02:17 pm
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As many of you know, all the subtitles we provided on our website are FREE.
So any amount of donation would be greatly appreciated!
For those who wish to get VIB access, please click here for more information.

What do we use the donations for?
→ website hosting
→ premium megaupload account(s) for staff to host our hardsubbed videos & download raws quickly to work on
→ special projects

Thank you for continuously supporting us with comments, donations, respecting the rules, etc!

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You still MUST be a member in order to download any of our content. This is due to the growing number of trolls out there and because we founders are sick of this behaviour. However we will give you guys one last chance... 

Membership is open to all so as long as you have an open ID
(livejournal preferred but you can use blogspot and wordpress too)
Simply click join but please read out rules first. 
The Rules/Terms and Conditions )

Also please do not bug us about when our next release is there is a subtitle status page on our website.
Plus it is nice to participate in the community by saying a simple thank you.

This community is purely for download links.
If you ever need help with something please remember to read our FAQs first before asking.
We also ask that you read our Hosting & Redistribution before joining. 

Those of you who have no idea how to join...
please refer to our General FAQs on our website.

When we said last chance we mean it! Any bashing of any sort will result in a closed moderated membership approach. 

 - Kizuna Fansubs

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